Shipment Tracking Expectations

Tracking Services

No one can deny the importance of shipment tracking and its benefits on the business itself and surely its great effect on the customer experience. As for a consistent eCommerce shopping experience, it is fundamental to deliver the item quickly to the client. Additionally, that is the place where an expert courier service plays an essential role.

There are some main components you’ll need to keep in mind as you host this feature of your client experience– we should look at them in more detail…

Customer Loyalty:

Providing real-time status updates allows customers to follow their shipment and be up to date with every step the courier is taking closer to them, so they can be excitingly ready to receive their shipments. And mainly, being able to see where the shipment currently is, puts the mind of a customer at ease. Providing a tracking page to keep them informed is an extraordinary method to constructs trust that leads to a long-term relationship.

Delivery Cost:

With a reliable tracking system, both online merchants and customers can sort out where each package is, which shows an incredible decrease of the occurrences of lost requests and returns. Speaking of which, reduces the cost as well of hiring extra representatives to answer calls inquiring about the location of parcels.

Customer Communication:

For a customer to know that they can easily watch their shipments while on the way leaves them certain that their orders will get where they need to go. This true clarity works both ways – for the customer as well as the merchant. This is amazingly valuable to guarantee that your business moves along as expected.

How does it work?

Tracking shipments regardless of whether they are worldwide shipments or homegrown doesn’t need to be an issue. Typically, this is a basic process that should be done quickly, using the shipment tracking number. Simply just follow the tracking link provided or go directly to the logistics company site and add in the shipment number to view its location and status.

Integrating API Shipment Tracking…

It’s a software-to-software language and is the way various applications talk with one another with the least human interaction needed. So, shipping APIs allows a brand to integrate the transportation process with the courier company’s directly into their online store.

These APIs live in the background and are the channel between customers and couriers. They make a robotized, smoothed checkout and delivery process, which is fundamental while making a positive eCommerce customer experience.

Package Tracking Must-Haves…


At the point when a customer places an order, they receive a confirmation email along with a tracking link, which takes the person in question to a custom landing page. From which, the delivery information from the seller, courier, and customer are introduced together–and the client can even opt-in message notifications and emails to keep an eye on their delivery process.

Real-time status updates:

Most customers will be patient as long as they see that the delivery cycle isn’t out of their (or your) control. Giving exact updates is the way into this insight.

Self-Service Features:

Self-services give a customer the sense of control and connection with an organization that inspires long-term brand faithfulness.

Delivery Communication:

Regardless of how seamless your tracking page looks; customers still have questions. It is highly recommended that you provide details about each and every stage of the delivery process. Everyone eventually needs to know is: “Where is my shipment?” Communicating upfront helps reduce long-term costs, cuts down on customer service queries, and makes room for happier customers.

Flexibility with Delivery Exceptions:

At the point when a delivery exception comes up, customers would simply prefer not to think about it — they need to realize that their sellers have effectively gotten the issue and have made an arrangement to sort it out. Whether it’s a change of address, delivery time, or even order amendments.

Last but not least …

Choosing a delivery partner that has technology integrations and shipment tracking is fundamental to your online business. Customers need to know where their shipment has been and when to expect it, by leveraging technology to do so it’s a hassle-free experience for you and your customers.