A Shipment Story

From the moment a shipment is considered necessary, it travels via a series of stages. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at the route your package takes from the facility to its delivery point.

Sprint couriers have a long and productive history of successfully delivering packages to locations across the country. Millions and millions of deliveries they’ve made, each and every one of these shipments is extremely important to both, us and them.

The Demand:

The basic requirement for a certain item or product is the very first step in the trip. It starts when an order is placed on one of our merchants’ online stores by one of their customers, in the case of the majority of our merchants. The merchant begins the journey of the shipment after the order is placed.

The Picking and Packing:

The items that have been ordered on the online store are now picked from the accessible stock in Sprint Warehouse, the shipper’s distribution center, or any place their stock is found.

This step is carefully calculated to guarantee that the correct item, in the right quantity, is chosen for the shipment. The items are carefully wrapped once they have been picked to stand the stages of the journey ahead.

All edges of the items should be cushioned, and there should be no gaps inside the box that might threaten the box’s and its contents’ safety. In the logistics sector, it is recommended that all products be packed to resist a one-meter drop. Merchants are also encouraged to follow Sprint’s and its courier partners’ packaging guidelines here.

The Data:

The courier companies require certain documentation in order to dispatch shipments via their services. When you use Sprint’s web portal and Integration services, a shipping label is prepared for you instantly as you fill out the order. This shipping label, also known as a waybill.

Sprint will also send an automatic request to the courier once the pickup is created on the portal before the cut-off time at 3:00pm, allowing it to be picked up the same day. Then make sure your package is ready, print your waybills, and wait for the courier to arrive at your door.

Pick-up and time spent in the Hub:

When the courier arrives, he will follow COVID-19 hygiene guidelines and inquire for the item that has to be picked up.

The package is delivered and checked into a shipping and logistics hub (along with hundreds of other parcels collected that same day). The parcel is next weighed and dimensioned to compare the shipment’s actual weight to its volumetric weight. The item is sorted alongside others addressed to a similar area before being placed onto the van for delivery to that location.

On account of shipments that need to transfer to another center nearer to the delivery address (for instance, while transporting a package from 5th settlement to October), all shipment for that area are stacked onto a truck and sent to the courier’s main hub. Here, the packages are again arranged for each sector of the area and loaded into the dispatch vehicle for delivery to clients.

The Shipping

The courier driver then departs from the sorting hub with the loaded vehicle and delivers the shipments to the different clients on his delivery route. When the shipment is delivered, the courier will request a signature from the client to assure the highest quality of service, proof of delivery, and that the parcel is in the correct hands.

The tracking system is then updated with the shipment’s delivery status after it is delivered to the client.

To cut it short, this journey can be long, with numerous stops along the way and passing through many hands throughout the country.  Although the courier and logistics sector still have a long way to go, but technologies, strategic planning, and guidelines in place have enabled Sprint Logistics to ship packages throughout the world with the press of a few buttons – just what a fantastic concept that is!

So, the next time you have a package you need to have it delivered, assuming you pick Sprint Logistics, you’ll see the value in exactly how much effort continues in the background while managing your package. Additionally, you can have confidence we’ll be dealing with it and that we are continuously doing our absolute best to get it to its desired location.